G. William (Bill) Hood

G. William (Bill) Hood

Bill Hood (born 1945) – Hood entered the screenprinting technologies almost at birth, having been born to the late Tom Hood, a screenprinter in the Dallas, Texas area.

He worked in the family screenprinting business until entering the military during the Vietnam Conflict in 1961. Afterwards, he worked for Graham Outdoor Advertising in San Antonio, Texas as a artist and printer and worked during the evenings producing a wide variety of commercial art for businesses in San Antonio.

Hood next turned his attention to his education and attended Sam Houston University to seek a degree in Fine Art with a minor in Print Making, specifically in serigraphy or screenprinting. While in university, Hood opened his first screenprinting business, Windmill Screenprinting, in Huntsville, Texas where he produced serigraphs and posters.

After university, Hood moved to Houston, Texas where he ultimately opened Flat Rock Graphics, again specializing in graphic design and screenprinting.

Hood relocated to Austin, Texas in 1973, where he later became the founder of Royal Tees Screenprinting, Founder and Editor of Solutions Journal, the first online publication for the screenprinting technologies and the School of Screenprinting. Hood is a prolific writer and is the author of over 50 books on screenprinting and thousands of technical articles.

Hood also served as the Southwest Technical Representative for Stretch Devices, Inc. for several years and was the Marketing Director and Screenprint Products manager of Graphic Solutions Group in Dallas, Texas.


  • 1949 – 61 – Tom Hood Screenprinted Signs – Learned screenprinting in the family business producing signage and graphic printing.
  • 1961 – 64 – United States Navy – Cryptology Operator / Radarman / Assistant Air Traffic Controller – Served during the Vietnam Conflict
  • 1964 – 1965 – Graham Outdoor Advertising – Art Director, and Process Camera Operator.
  • 1964 – Present – Bill Hood Designs, specializing in art for the screenprinting technologies.
  • 1965 69 – Windmill Screenprinting – Owner /Operator of a company that printed serigraphs and posters etc. Designed and built first equipment – manual printing press, exposure unit and adjustable squeegee holder allowing for settable angle and pressure for manual printing.
  • 1965 – 69 – Huntsville Item – Art Director / Editorial Cartoonist / Camera Operator for a weekly Harte-Hanks Newspaper.
  • 1969 73 – Longhorn Printing  – Owner / Production Manager of a commercial litho printing company.
  • 1971 – 72 – RonRay Printing – Artist / Production Manager of a thermography company producing a wide range of thermography products.
  • 1972 – 73 – Flat Rock Graphics – Owner / Operator of a commercial screenprinting company that produced graphic screenprinting.
  • 1973 – 74 – Wallace Engraving – Camera Operator for a high end color separator and service bureau.
  • 1974 – 79 – Austin Sun – Art Director / Camera Operator for a weekly publication.
  • 1981 – 1984 – Austin MicroType – Co-Owner of Austin’s first electronic service bureau.
  • 1981 – 1986 – Founder and Executive Director of Texas Association of Screenprinting.
  • 1982 – 1984 – Co-Owner of William Lee Printing, specializing in fine art printing or serigraphs.
  • 1983 – Founded the Austin Arts Bulletin Board Service (BBS) in 1983, the first computer BBS for the screenprinting technologies. Founded the first radio station for screenprinting technologies, which at the time was pre-recorded and broadcast worldwide over the BBS. Austin Arts BBS was the first BBS to run on Macintosh computers. It was also the first BBS to produce audio for its visitors, broadcasting news about screenprinting and music in a pre-recorded method in what was the precursor to Internet Radio. Eventually, the station was moved to the Internet when broadcasting became more commonplace with services like Live365. The Austin Arts BBS was renamed Solutions Journal™.
  • 1983 – Founded Bill Hood Consulting to provides services to the screenprinting technologies.
  • 1983 – Founded Solutions Journal Magazine as the first online magazine for the screenprinting technologies, http://solutionsjournal.com.
  • 1983 – Developed and trademarked the One Hit White™ screenprinting process for textile printing.
  • 1983 – Created the terms, “Fill Blade™” and “Fill Stroke™” as neologisms for the misrepresentative terms ‘floodbar’, ‘floodblade’ and ‘flood stroke’ as the purpose of the blade is to ‘fill’ the mesh openings with ink and not to ‘flood’ the surface of the screen as the misnomer implies.
  • 1983 – Founded Screenprint Books™ – Publishes and sells books and articles on screenprinting. Hood’s book, 50 Ways to Increase Your Business – Insight, Advice, and Lessons Learned for Textile Screenprinters was the first eBook for the screenprinting technologies, http://screenprintbooks.com.
  • 1983 – Present – Founder of Who’s Who in Screenprinting – http://whoswhoinscreenprinting.com.
  • 1984 – 2004 – Royal Tees Screenprinting™ – Owner / Operator of a screenprinting operation specializing in textile and graphic screenprinting.
  • 1984 – Created the technique of “Anti-Friction Coating™“. The phrase is used to describe the face coat of emulsion on the squeegee side of the stencil to fill the voids produced by the drying emulsion. This produces an extremely smooth surface that lowers the mechanical resistance of the fill blade and squeegee, greatly increasing the production speed and sharp, crisp lines of the printed image.
  • 1984 – Created ScreenQuoter™, which was the first computerized estimation program for the screenprinting technologies.
  • 2000 – Created Screenprint Manager™, which was the first computerized print management software for the screenprinting technologies.
  • 2000 – 2010 – Screenprint Store™ – Owner – An online store offering equipment and supplies for the screenprinting technologies.
  • 2000 – Present – School of Screenprinting™ – Owner / Director – specializing in educational training for the screenprinting technologies, http://schoolofscreenprinting.com.
  • 2004 – 2006 – Co-owner of Ultrasol Inks, USA, http://ultrasolinks.com.mx.
  • 2005 – Developed the Roller Squeegee™ and the Parallel and Geometric Plane Pallet™, which the manufacturing rights were sold to Action Engineering.
  • 2016 – Winner of the prestigious Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies Dave Swormstedt, Sr. Memorial Award for outstanding technical writing ability and exceptional industry insight. The article is: “The Golden Image Ratio of Image to Screen Size: A Mathematical Reference Offering a Visual Guide as to the Proper Image to Screen Ratio.”
  • 2016 – Best in Class Swormstedt Award by the Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies for outstanding technical writing ability and exceptional industry insight.
  • 2017 – Inducted into the Academy of Screen & Digital Printing Technologies.


  • 50 Ways to Increase Your Business – Insight, Advice, and Lessons Learned for Textile Screenprinters, 1983
  • Best Articles 1983 – Current
  • Achieving Plastisol Cure, 1984
  • Forms That Work, 1984
  • Avoiding Pinholes – Stop the Madness, 1985
  • Better Screenmaking, 1986
  • Secrets to Profitable Pricing, 1987
  • Effective Training for the Screenprinting Technologies
  • Eliminating the Chaos, 1989
  • Action Plan for Screenprinters, 1990
  • Easy Rip Tutorial, 1991
  • Guide to Screenmaking, 1992
  • Descreening – Removing Halftones for Screenprinters, 1993
  • Solutions to Big Problems, 1993
  • Guidebook to Capillary Film Use, 1994
  • Screenprinting Solutions – Volume 1, 1994
  • Separating Process Color for Screenprinters, 1994
  • Order and Chaos in Screenprinting, 1995
  • Perfecting the Stencil, 1996
  • Reducing Employee Turnover, 1997
  • Resigning From the Ink of the Month Club, 1998
  • Choosing the Correct Frame System, 1999
  • Guide to Selecting Mesh, 2000
  • Printing Polyester and Other Synthetic Materials, 2000
  • Return on Investment for Screenprinters, 2001
  • Screen Coating Techniques for Success, 2002
  • The Secret, 2002
  • Model Employee Handbook, 2003
  • Better Control with an Electronic Thickness Gauge, 2004
  • Screenprinting Solutions – Volume 2, 2004
  • Choosing the Correct Emulsion, 2005
  • Answers for Screenprinters, 2006
  • Guia Para la Seleccion de Malla, 2006
  • Behind Closed Doors, 2007
  • Smarter Goals – 7 Steps to Creating Smarter Goals, 2007
  • Consequences of Behavior, 2008
  • Parallelism and Geometric Plane, 2008
  • Benchmarking – Finding and Implementing Best Practices, 2009
  • Pricing for Success, 2009
  • Controlling the 8 Most Common Variables, 2010
  • Making the First 60-Seconds Count, 2010
  • Negotiating Salaries, 2011
  • Developing Effective Standard Operating Procedures, 2012
  • Evaluating the Proper Cure, 2013
  • How to Craft a Vision Statement, 2014
  • Marketing and Sales for Screenprinters, 2014
  • Benchmarking White Ink on Dark Garments for Textile Screenprinters, 2015
  • Dynamics of Ink Transfer, 2015
  • Physical Behavior of Screenprinting Inks – 2015
  • Screenmaking Control Points – 2015
  • Screenmaking SOP, 2015
  • Golden Image Ratio of Image to Screen Size: A Mathematical Reference Offering a Visual Guide as to the Proper Image to Screen Ratio, 2017


Since the 1960s, Hood has authored of thousands of technical articles published in trade magazines and professional journals. He normally writes at least one article each day, depending on his consulting schedule.


  • 1961 – Vietnam Service Medal with two Silver Stars
  • 1962 – Navy Unit Commendation with Two Stars
  • 1962 – Meritorious Unit Commendation with Four Stars
  • 1962 – Navy Expeditionary Medal
  • 1963 – National Defense Service Medal with One Star
  • 1963 – Armed Forces Expeditionary with One Silver and Two Bronze Stars
  • 1964 – Republic of Vietnam Meritorious Unit Citation – Gallantry Cross
  • 1964 – Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal
  • 1984Screenplay International Award, Best Technical Print — for a single color white print on a black t-shirt, which was a One Hit White™ print.
  • 1994 – President Northeast Austin Rotary Club
  • 1995-1996 – Assistant Governor Rotary International District 5180
  • 2016 – Dave Swormstedt, Sr. Memorial Award by the Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies for outstanding technical writing ability and exceptional industry insight
  • 2016 – Best in Class Swormstedt Award by the Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies for outstanding technical writing ability and exceptional industry insight
  • 2017 – Inducted into the Academy of Screen & Digital Printing Technologies


  • Fellow in the Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies (ASDPT)
  • Rotary International
  • Serigrafia Italia
  • Lifetime Member of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA)


  • Member of Rotary International, serving as President of Northeast Austin Rotary Club and Assistant Governor of Rotary District 5870 for three terms
  • Served as President of Parent Teachers Association in Austin, Texas for four years
  • Member of Friendly Favors – a worldwide group of over 63,000 people in over 100 countries
  • Member and Volunteer in the Newcomers Club of Cuernavaca, Mexico


Hood currently lives in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico about an hour and a half south of Mexico City. He remains in demand as a consultant, speaker, seminar presenter, writer, innovator, and mentor to many. With his extensive number of published books and articles, Hood founded Solutions Publishers™ where he publishes his own works and those of others.

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