Mark Gervais

Mark Gervais

Mark Gervais – Director of Screen Print, Ningbo Shenzhou International Group Holdings Ltd (2009-Present)

Mark has worked passionately about the screenprinting technologies since 1976. His career began printing PCB’s (printed circuit boards) for Apple Computer. In 1987, he had made the move into textiles screenprinting. Mark worked with various large scale printing operations on the West Coast and also for 3 of the major ink manufacturers before moving to Asia in 2005.

After graduating from Branham High School in San Jose, California in 1975, Mark lost no time joining the screenprinting technologies by beginning his career in the screenprinting technologies at Santa Clara Circuits in Santa Clara, California, where he printed PCB’s (printed circuit boards) for Apple Computers. After two years, he transitioned to Santa Clara Circuits North in Redmond, Washington where he worked until 1982.

The next five years he was the Graphics Supervisor at Data I/O in Issaquah, Washington, again printing PCB’s.

In 1987, Mark made the move into the textile segment of screenprinting when he became the Screenprint Operations Manager at CMS Casuals in Bellevue, Washington. He was responsible for transitioning the shop from manuals to semi-automatic presses. While at CMS Casuals, he caught the eye of Wilflex, who offered him the position of Western Regional Sales Manager beginning in 1990. This allowed him to return to California to work out of Santa Ana while working for Wilflex.

After three years on the road for Wilflex, Mark returned to printing in 1993, with an emphasis on helping setup new companies and assisting existing companies improve their operations. The next ten year proved fruitful in meeting his goals.

His first gig was at Winterland in San Francisco for a year, then Little Laura of California for another year, before settling down for the next five years as the Screenprint Operations Manager at Fortune Fashions Industries in Commerce, California.

In 2000, Mark was offered the position of Screenprint Operations Manager at Print, Inc. in Vista, California, and in 2001 he moved to Spectraprint as the Pre-Press Development Leader in Richmond California.

International Coatings of Cerritos, California called in 2003 and offered Mark the position of Asian Regional Sales Manager, which he accepted and once again found himself on the road marketing inks.

In 2005, Mark accepted a position with Ramatex Gmil of Suzhou, Jiangsu, China, just west of Shanghai, to design, layout, and setup the operation for a new screenprint facility that began with 8 semi-automatics in China and another 8 semi-automatics in Malysia.

Once the two plants were up and running, Mark went looking for other opportunities to assist larger companies with their growth, which he found at Win Hanverky Holdings Limited, an integrated manufacturer, distributor and retailer for international sports, fashion and outdoor brands, with geographical markets spanning Europe, the United States, Mainland China and Hong Kong.

When he had Win Hanverky at a good place, in 2008, Mark returned to ink sales as the Asian Sales Manager for Rutland Plastic Technologies in Shanghai, China while waiting for another growth opportunity.

The following year, in 2009, he was offered a position of Director of Screenprint for Shenzhou International Group Holdings, Ltd. in Ningbo, China. He quickly set about building facilities and organizing work centers at what would become the largest screenprinting shop in the world. Mark has been at Shenzhou for the past 10 years as the company continues to grow. He is in charge of implementing new and developing technology while overseeing the product development, which brings artwork design concepts to life.

His passions lie in working with print development and determining how designs are separated, engineered and printed and also as a designer of printing operations with facility lay-out to establish process controls and procedures and efficient automatic machine operations and quality.

Mark is a 2019 inductee into the Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies. Academy Members represent the highest level of technological expertise in the screen printing industry. Recognized authorities in their field, Academy members are chosen on the basis of their demonstrated ability and willingness to assist in the betterment of the industry. They serve the Academy, and the industry, without remuneration.  

Members attend meetings, answer mail, serve on committees, review papers, write papers, nominate authors, recommend members, and much more. Academy members include engineers, educators, journalists, commercial printers, technicians, corporate managers, consultants, inventors, production and marketing managers, authors, researchers, fine art printers, chemists and others.

Mark is married and has one son, who he is devoted to.

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