Mike Horsten

Mike Horsten

Mike Horsten is the General Manager Marketing EMEA Mimaki

Zemt is active in the textile printing industry with inspirational ideas to make vendors and suppliers work together to achieve a greener world. Mike was founder of one of the first Green Textile printing companies in the Netherlands, and one of the principal architects in changing the screenprinting technologies to a digitally clean textile printing business in 1999 with the move to Dye sublimation technology, in Co-Developing the Digital Dye Sublimation technology.

Mike was also one of the co-founders of the ColorGATE Rip software company in 1998. With Mike’s vision on how to make user friendly applications for the graphic industry.

As one of the first to sell HP Plotters and Laminators back in 1994, Mike explored this new generation of HP products to change them into large format printing solutions, photo enlargers and to use these new machines as Pre-Press Proofers. This was the start of a new breed of Digital Print Service providers.

Mike continues to engage in new and interesting developments around the world and is besides his work at Mimaki also is a speaker and forum leader at many international events.

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