Roberto González Ojeda

Roberto González OjedaRoberto González Ojeda – President of Inovacrom and Ultrasol Inks, of Mexico City, Mexico. González created a line of plastisols compounds for use as a screenprinting ink. The most significant contribution is the maximum opacity. There exists in the world no other line of inks with such an outstanding property.

González grew up in the textile manufacturing industry as his father owned a plant in Mexico City. After attending university he returned from abroad in 1986 at age 23, to open his own business – a screenprinting shop. He opened his shop – Inovacrom, S.A. de C.V. – in Cuernavaca, Mexico printing for such prestigious clients as GAP, Old Navy, American Eagle and big box stores. During this time he has taken the company to an even higher level printing for Harley Davidson, Simpsons, Barbie, and others.

Today, Inovacrom is a worldwide leader in screenprinting and apparel decoration. With almost 155,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Inovacrom can print and finish to meet even the most stringent production commitments.

Not content with the level of inks on the market, in 1987, González begin experimenting with ink in an effort to improve what was currently available. Although he was successful in the beginning, his innate curiosity drove him to further experiment and develop inks. He was successful in getting the high volume retailers to allow him to use his ink, in lieu of the more expensive imported ink. After extensive testing the ink was proven to have better wash fastness and became an “approved ink” by many of the retailers.

While he continued to print with the ink for the next seven, he continued to make improvements as new ingredients were brought to the market. In 1994, González brought his Ultrasol Textile Inks to market, which has enjoyed accolades from textile printers worldwide for it’s amazing coverage. This necessitated a move into Mexico City, a much larger facility and more equipment to manufacture the inks.

Today, Ultrasol enjoys the largest base of screenprinting shops in Mexico, and have distributors throughout Mexico; Aguacalientes, Chihuahua, Ciudad de México, Hermosillo, Querétaro, Uriangato/Moroléon, as well as in Africa, Cuba, Europe, Panamá,  United States of America and Canada.

What set Ultrasol Ink off from the others was not only was it a superior ink, the company has a mission of serving both their internal and external clients with painstaking care, consistent quality, timely delivery and continuing commitment to improve the ink.

González and his company are 100% responsible, dedicated to the production of the highest quality textile screenprinting inks, and are always committed to providing confidence and security in their clients. Ultrasol is obsessed by color, inks have appropriate technology for each type of fabric, with different lines for the end user, whether water based or solvent based.

In Ultrasol, González created two lines committed to the environment, the first in Latin America free of contaminating components. They also have classic lines of Plastisols with a maximum opacity across a wide range of products. Fluorescent inks were unknown to opaque until the release of the G4 series of Ultrasol Inks at FESPA Mexico City 2008. The Ultrasol fluorescent inks are the only Plastisol inks on the market that can be printed directly on dark garments without requiring an underbase.

His most recent innovation is his G6 Series of Ultrasol Inks. Based on the current ecological requirements González launched G6 line inks. Ultrasol® G6 is free of heavy metals free pseudoplastic composite PVC and phthalates free. This compound was developed as a textile screen printing ink with high concentration of pigment dispersions and a full range of colors and specialties. The features allow for Ultrasol to be screenprinted at high speed without the mesh clogging or ink drying in the mesh. Ultrasol G6 has a high opacity and large elongation, so that it can print on various compositions for both natural fabrics and synthetic.

Each of the lines is subject to extensive scientific research in their in-house laboratory to reach a 100% satisfactory result, before being passed on to the client, are tested to meet the highest industry standards, making the inks having the best quality.

In addition to creating the greatest textile ink on the market, González has kept busy freely giving of his time and helping others by spreading his knowledge of the screenprinting through presentations and seminars.

González continues to live in Cuernavaca and commutes daily to Mexico City to run his companies.

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