It should come as no shock to any screenprint business owner that the organization can only be as effective as the team members. However, there is a big difference in knowing this and actually doing something about it. In this article, we will learn about the different types of team members and hire practices that will help you to build a company that will have a better chance of success in a quicker time frame.

As I visit screenprinting shops and indeed many other types of businesses, I find the same problem of an incorrect hiring practice exists the world over. It can be found in the smallest company in a rural village in India or a large multinational company with tens of thousands of staff members. It seems that the vast majority of owners are hiring only warm bodies with no energy that deplete the organization, in lieu of staff members with a healthy, high-energy level working to grow the business and reach their own full potential.

Without an understanding of what kind of staff members are best for the organization and a hiring plan, turnover will be high, growth will certainly be slow and it is possible that the organization may ultimately fail unless the hiring plan is corrected.

It is far better to hire on the behavior that you expect from the team member than to simply hire based on the position to be filled.

If you are struggling to grow your business, having trouble finding good team members, or have a high turnover rate you need to read this article!

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