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Product Download

Our products are currently delivered by Internet download only. Payment is made to PayPal, which sends this site information concerning your payment. After your purchase has been approved by PayPal and we receive the notice, we will process your order.

Orders are typically processed within one (1) hour, but could take as long as twenty four (24) hours to complete. Once your order has been processed PayPal will send you a confirmation email using the email address you provided at PayPal.

This email will serve as your electronic purchase receipt and will contain the information you need to access our product downloads.

Downloads from our servers are closely monitored to ensure you are able to successfully access our products. While we are flexible and allow you to complete a reasonable number of downloads we will not tolerate download abuse. We reserve the right to terminate your access to our download servers.

Refund Policy

We stand behind our products and your satisfaction with them is important to us. However, because our products are digital goods delivered via Internet download we offer no refunds.

Our products are intended for the mass market of those within the various segments of the screenprinting technologies. While some products will be of interest to those in the graphics segment, they may not be related to the textile or another segment.

They cover a wide spectrum of needs of business owners, marketers, sales representatives, graphic designers, screenmakers, ink technicians, pre-press technicians, and production staff.

They may not be suitable for your individual needs. Only you know your individual needs. Thus, you should carefully consider your individual needs when making decisions to purchase our products as they relate to you. You alone are responsible for your actions.

Before Download

If you change your mind about your purchase and you have not downloaded our product, we will happily issue you a refund upon your request, if made within 72 hours of your original purchase.

After Download

As all of our products are digital in nature, there are no refunds made after you have downloaded our products.


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