Build Your Own Lint Catcher

One of the worst things about a textile printing shop is the lint from the materials that we print on. It builds up quickly and requires constant cleaning, least it becomes a fire hazard and draws the attention of the local fire department. The constant cleaning can become quite time-consuming and costly in terms of labor.

And, if you are still forced to use spray adhesive when printing those pesky fleece items, the mist from the spray adhesive covers every surface, including your lungs and only serves as to catch the lint and glue it down to every surface in the shop. But, there are solutions!

The plans for this simple-to-build, yet highly effective Lint Catcher have been downloaded by thousands of shops around the world by owners who grew tired of the constant downtime necessary to perform the cleaning. They have found it works great in redirecting the lint at the source point.

Simply build this Lint Catcher using these plans, put it under the loading station and the majority of lint and adhesive problems disappear. Now, you only need to occasionally clean the filter at a fraction of the time compared to cleaning the entire shop. Included is a Shopping List of all components, a tool list and 15 pages of detailed drawings with all the measurements and directions for each step. The unit can be built in perhaps 2-hours for a cost of around $65 USD.

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