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Eliminating the second hit with a better fill stroke* technique. If you think that the small things don’t matter, read this excerpt from the article…

“Using a stopwatch to time production, we found that the press operators were producing an average of 345 printed substrates per hour using the previous printing method. They were producing an average of 5.76 pieces per minute. We timed the same operators at three times during a single day to acquire this average. Of course, this does not take into account the press stoppage for cleaning screens or platens. We are only speaking of the actual printing time.

“Using the new printing technique, the average number of printed substrates increased to almost 12.8 substrates per minute on average. By changing the printing technique we had increased production to 768 pieces per hour.”

*Fill Stroke is the author’s neologism for the misrepresentative term ‘flood stroke’ as the purpose of the stroke is to ‘fill’ the mesh openings with ink and not to ‘flood’ the surface of the screen as the misnomer implies.

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