Standard Operating Procedures for Screenmaking Model

This updated (2022) explanatory poster lists 58+ steps used in most shops in creating standard operating procedures. The model can be used as an excellent training tool for staff members. Included are sections on:

  • Mesh
  • Tensioning
  • Degreasing
  • Drying Mesh
  • Mesh Inspection
  • Coating with Emulsion
  • Drying Emulsion
  • Stencil Exposure
  • Stencil Development
  • Stencil Inspection
  • Stencil Reclamation

Because every shop has unique ways of performing various tasks, the guide can help establish Standard Operating Procedures for each task within a department. And hang a copy in the reception area to explain how complex the screenprinting process can be and how much is involved in producing the client’s order.

The 30-inch x 40-inch wall-sized poster is an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. You will need the FREE Acrobat Reader to open and print the file. If you do not have a printer capable of producing a print of this size, you may choose to have the poster printed at a service center or print it on letter-sized paper using the “tile” feature available in most small-format printers.

Be sure to see our book, “Developing Effecting SOP Procedures.” It will significantly benefit you if you wish to create your Standard Operating Procedures from the model offered here.

Product Details

Format: PDF, requires the Free Adobe Acrobat Reader or compatible program.
File Size: 61 kb
Publisher: Solutions Publishing
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Language: English
Lending: Disabled
Author: Bill Hood

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