How’s your stencil quality? Does every stencil expose properly? Do they require two or more passes to achieve opacity? Do they hold up well on press? Do they reclaim easily? Everyone has stencil problems! Stop the madness and start producing outstanding stencils with a bit of knowledge. The key is to create a standard operating procedure so that all stencils work well – every time! Doing so, requires that you know what the variables are and have a more thorough knowledge of the process.

This Adobe PDF, contains a MindMap of the many variables of the stencil making process for the screenprinting technologies. It serves as an educational tool for those in the screenmaking department. It can be used for training purposes, seminars, both as a slide and handout. Printed and displayed on the wall of the screenroom it works as a constant reminder of each variable to be considered in the stencil making process. Or, you can use it to develop your own Standard Operating Procedures for stencil making.

Included are the following 64 variables:

  • Mesh Considerations – 20 Variables
  • Emulsion Considerations – 16 Variables
  • Coating Considerations – 18 Variables
  • Stencil Drying Considerations – 10 Variables

Product Details

Format: Adobe PDF
Page Size: 70.38 x 37.09 inches (can be reduced to any size)
File Size: 55kb
Publisher: Solutions Publishing
Sold by: ScreenprintBooks.com
Language: English
Lending: Disabled
Author: Bill Hood

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