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While “Who Do You Trust?” is the title of this article, the more important question of – Who Trusts You? Nothing should be more important to you and the success of your business than trust. You may have noticed the scarcity of trust in society. All the more reason for you to carry the banner of trust in all that you think, say or do.

When I decided to write this article and began to commence my research as I always do, I was struck by the vast number of thoughts on the definition of trust. While they attempted to describe trust, most failed as they tried a single definition. They are not to blame for their failure, as it is within their belief system that most objects have a single definition; a chair is an object on which one sits, a ladder is an object that allows one to climb and reach otherwise unattainable heights. In reality, both of these objects have more than one use, and trust is neither a single entity nor a single thought.

Trust is essential, but the questions begin to arise.

  • How important is building a trusting work environment?
  • How do you know when you have trust?
  • How do you know when you don’t have trust?
  • How is trust most usefully defined in the workplace?
  • Can you build trust when it doesn’t exist?
  • How do you maintain and build trust?

These are all excellent questions, and this article will answer those and many more. This article walks you through the process of building trust within your organization and will prove quite useful.

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