Creative Services Request

This Creative Services Request is the most effective way to get everyone – both your organization and the creative team – started with a common understanding of what needs to be accomplished. This effective Creative Services Request gives the creative direction and provides your team with established benchmarks to measure concepts against. Spending the time to complete a well-outlined Creative Services Request will save you a lot of time up front and eliminate most, if not all of the errors from the task. This Creative Services Request template allows the following to be communicated:

  • Identify a clear statement of objectives with priorities
  • Tie these objectives to client’s expectations
  • Indicate how you will measure the achievement of goals
  • Define, characterize, and prioritize the proposed audiences
  • Outline budgets and time frames with specific details on scope and schedule
  • Explain the internal review and approval process
  • Set forth any procedural requirements that might hold up the process down the road

What’s Included

Included is a guide to completing the form in order to supply the creative with as much information as possible to meet the clients expectations. The salesperson uses this guide to complete the form using a standard operating procedure for each creative request they make of the creative department. There is, of course, a learning curve to every procedure, but we supply as much information on how to create the request and with very little work on the salespersons part the procedure will quickly move from errors to success in as little time as possible.

Also included is an example request that is filled out with suggestions to show what is possible to achieve when the request is properly completed. The salesperson can refer to the example to come up with their own information transfer that works best for your business.

Obviously a single form will not work for each unique shop need. This is a fully editable Microsoft Word document that can be opened or imported into a variety of word processing software. Once opened, the template can be altered to your own unique needs to give you exactly what you need.

Product Details

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