CRM: Customer Relations Management

If you are looking for a system to organize your contacts, solidify a sales process, and automate some of your ongoing tasks then you need a CRM (customer relations management) solution. This template provides you with the basics of CRM. It’s the perfect place to start if you aren’t quite ready for a full-blown CRM with advanced features. This mini-CRM puts all your customer relations in one place making it easy to find and track. To get started, just enter your contacts manually or copy and paste existing data into this sheet. You will find that CRM can help you in the following ways:

  • Help determine ROI on marketing campaigns
  • Assist in determining ROI on future expenditures
  • Allow you to predict future resource requirements
  • Makes you and your salespeople more efficient and effective
  • Allows a quick snapshot of all current and past CRM activities

I have personally used this spreadsheet for my CRM for years and found that while there are some great CRM products on the market they do not offer anything I need that is not covered in this simple spreadsheet.

You will note that the spreadsheet is populated with a few customers, people, and opportunities as an example. These should be replaced with your own data.

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