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How to Think for Yourself

Let’s set this up. Who really decides what you think about any given subject? Everything that we read on the Internet is the result of some individual or group of individuals who have written words to push an agenda. That’s good, if the words are truthful, but how do you really know what is the truth?

Nothing that you read on an internet forum, where there is a group mentality is absolutely true with no qualification, restriction, or limitation, due to the group bias that is used in the formation of the very words you are reading. Yes, every individual possesses a certain bias toward any thought that might come to mind. Moreover, that bias is constantly shifting.

Over the past 70 years, I have found that most of those in the screenprinting technologies have been led to believe a great number of mistruths about the process.

These beliefs lead to a great amount of wasted time and effort, which translates to less efficiency, production, and quality. This is because most individuals lack the ability to think properly for themselves.

Sadly, much of what I do as a consultant is to correct these beliefs. Cease allowing others to steer you in the wrong direction. Learn to think on your own. This book will help you make better decisions about your problems.

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