ROI in Press Prouduction

Improve your Return on Investment in press production yield with efficiency, effectiveness, and economic viability. Do you know the cost of 1 second of time in your shop? Every shop owner (and staff member) should know this cost, as it controls every aspect of what you do to earn the margins for your success.

As an example, put a stopwatch in your hand and walk to the production floor of your shop. As soon as someone at the end of the dryer sees a speck of contaminate in the ink area and screams out, “Lint on the red screen!” start your stopwatch. Time how long it takes to remove that speck of lint, clean up the screen and start printing again. Each second that the press stops costs you money. If you have an automatic press that is printing at just 350 pieces an hour, a single minute costs you the margins on those 6 pieces that did not get printed. If you are making $2. per substrate, the cost of that one minute is $12 that you did not put in your pocket.

If the press stops just 5 times a day for just one minute each, you lose approximately $60 a day or $15,600 a year. There are dozens of reasons for production loss; slow dwell times, long setups and teardowns, and more.

Another example is that far too often a press is operated at a speed that the operators find comfortable. This is usually a randomly chosen number, such as 350 instead of 353 pieces per hour. Those extra 3 pieces per hour that are not printed can easily cost you $7,800 per year.

I know, because as a consultant, one of my jobs is to eliminate that loss for my clients. And, I carry this spreadsheet with me on every consulting job. I know the value of 1 second – do you?

Note: Once you know your actual costs, you will want to discourage the practice of operators altering press speed to fit their own desire, in lieu of proper production practices. After all, if there isn’t a system in place – there will be chaos and losses of revenue.

This tool will give you a better understanding of press production. It will allow you to enter your own production numbers and margins on multiple presses. The formulas then show you the expectations as to production and margins that should be the benchmark.

This spreadsheet can be used to learn a tremendous amount of information about your press production, whether manual or automatic. By changing just one number, you will be able to…

  • Know the total expected margins that you will earn per year
  • The number of pieces you can produce in a minute, shift, week, and year
  • Track your production against expectations and take steps to improve
  • Know the value of each second that you can shave off of the dwell time
  • Know what that flashing time is really costing you
  • Relate to your operators the cost of each press stoppage
  • Increase your production output immediately
  • Lower your costs and compete with those who are charging less
  • Make more money for you and your staff members to enjoy that lifestyle

Yes, all that and more await you. Don’t wait until you are begging the bank to not foreclose because you can’t afford the payment, download this spreadsheet now and start earning more money.

The spreadsheet comes with full instructions and is ready to go. It is set up for five presses, but you can add more as necessary. Just plug your numbers in and grab that stopwatch! I hope you find great benefit from this tool and use it to increase both your production and margins.

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