This is a primer for those who wish to produce images on textile products with a single print stroke, thus eliminating the print/flash/print method and increasing efficiency and productivity. Co-authors Roberto González Ojeda and Bill Hood provide the eight basic steps to printing a One Hit White™. They both grew up in the screenprinting trade and opened their own individual print shops at an early age. They met at a screenprinting conference in Mexico City and immediately became best friends.

Roberto González Ojeda is uniquely qualified as a Master Screenprinter for the most prestigious, but discriminating brands; American Eagle, Barbie, Gap, Harley Davidson, Mattel, Nike, Old Navy, Puma, Simpsons, and others. He developed his own ink line, Ultrasol, which has over 80 distributors in North America. Ultrasol Inks are the brightest and most super opaque inks on the market, available in both plastisol and water-based lines.

Bill Hood coined the phrase, One Hit White™ in 1981 and has written extensively about it. There have been many who wanted more information on how to perform a One Hit White in an easy-to-understand format. This illustrated book contains the information.

As with most concepts, the phrase One Hit White™ came about due to a pain experienced by screenprinters in the textile industry when attempting to print white ink on a black (or other dark colors), with a smooth, thin, but a deposit of ink that is bright. This book provides the information you need to move away from multiple strokes and flashing.

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Authors: Roberto González Ojeda and Bill Hood

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