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Value of One Second

You should be aware of the cost of operation within your organization for one second. Since there are 60 seconds in a minute, many tend to overlook the actual value of such a small number.

For example, let’s assume that a textile printer operates a single press at 350 units per hour and prints 5.833 shirts per minute. You can increase the press production to 5.933 shirts per minute by eliminating just one second of production time. Assuming a $2 net per shirt would generate an additional $15,418 USD per year. If you can save 2 seconds, you can double that amount, and if you have two presses, the additional revenue could be a whopping $61,672 USD per year.

Of course, every shop will vary as their overhead and related costs are different; thus, you need this spreadsheet to find your own value of one second. Also, this Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet can show you the savings on various examples.

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